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High energy explosions and blasts are increasingly injuring our military service personnel. In current warfare, explosive munitions have caused over 50% of the injuries. Thanks to medical advances at the front lines those affected by blasts are more often surviving the attacks. Unfortunately, they are coming home with more severe injuries. Multiple body systems may be involved depending on the compositions and amount of materials involved in the munition as well as the surrounding environment and the person's proximity to the blast. Head injuries are common sequelae of blast injuries. Unfortunately, some non-penetrating head injuries may be under diagnosed or even injuries may be affected by post traumatic stress disorder or emotional shock. Currently there is very limited literature on this subject. Doctor Steven Scott Post-injury care is more intently focused on medical stabilization. However many blast injury survivors have residual physical, cognitive, and/or emotional impairments as well as functional disabilities that require a rehabilitative approach. Our goal is to identify the needs of this population and to give them the treatment, rehabilitation, and skills needed to afford them the highest possible level of independence. Rehabilitation also affects the families. Blast survivors are often hospitalized in acute care settings for extended periods, then transferred to rehabilitation facilities. Stays in these acute rehabilitation facilities generally last 2-4 weeks. It is important to have families available during the rehabilitation process so that they can learn what will be required when the loved one returns home. Haley also has a family support group on Saturdays. This group is helpful in allowing families to learn from each other and to create a lasting support system. - Dr. Steven Scott

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